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2:52pm 11-29-2015
Tan Truong
I can't remember much from those days if being a child refugee from the Vietnam war, but I am grateful for you and your family for opening your hearts and home to our family in times of need and forever changed our lives and gave us great opportunities here to be the best we can. I'm sorry I could not have said it in person. Thanks to you and your wife for being such a warm and open family! We are truly blessed.
4:26pm 12-23-2010
patrick mulligan
Well its another holiday season and thinking of MOM and DAD and the great holiday memories. Listening to the oldie but goodies xmas music, Bing Crosby, Frank S. and of course Moms Fav Charley Pride. This will be the 1st year not being at their house for XMAS, so that is a little weird. Mom/Pops thanks for all the love and memories.
Happy Holidays to all
2:21pm 09-01-2010
Art and linda torres
Didn't get to know you as well as we would have liked! But you made us feel like Ohana! We love your son and the person that he is and the father and husband that he is. You would be proud!! Save a place in Heaven for Us!! Love you both wish we could have gotten closer!! We are blessed to have Patrick in our lives and though we don't see them that much they are with us always, as I am sure you are always with them. I believe that we can linger to give strength and support even after our physical bodies are gone and I know you are with your family and loved ones always. We miss you!!! Art and Linda Torres
11:43am 08-03-2010
North Carolina loaded with dragonflies and frogs so have mom and dad surrounding us and taking care of us. I miss them so much it hurts. I still look at cards and say" oh I'll send that to them" and they are not there. Still unpacking box's and the tears flow of fond memories of mom/dad, Aunt Joan, Uncle Danny, Uncle John, grandma,grandpa, Uncle Bob. Aloha oe, Aloha oe, until we meet again.
9:04pm 06-12-2010
Phil Mulligan Jr
Stopped by to see mom and dad on friday. Let them know what was going on and how things were doing. Mom almost gone a year and it seems much longer since i've heard her voice and dad coming up on 3 years. I feel them everyday and get strength some times from them when i need it.
Little Guy
1:22pm 12-04-2009
The Ortega Family
We weren't fortunate enough to know Pats parents but we are BLESSED to know such an amazing loving man like Pat(aka Coach lol) our prayers are with all of your family and friends who were touched by the lives of your parents and we just want you and Juliette and Kayla to know that even thru the distance we love you all so very much and our thoughts and prayers are with you every day.
6:27am 09-25-2009
Dawn Mulligan-Ray
Dear Mom, I can't even begin to express how much I (we) miss you, constantly, every day. Not only did I lose a mother but a best friend, whom loved me unconditionally. If I can be 1/2 the mother to Logan you were to us kids, he will be blessed. You were the best mom,wife,mother-in-law, friend, sister,daughter, and child of God. We miss you. Give Dad, Aunt Joan/Uncle Danny, grandma/grandpa big hugs and kisses. You are gone but never will be forgotten. Love your Dawnie
4:10pm 09-16-2009
Warren and Helen McC
God is so good to us. I got to sit next to Patrick on the plane and could express some of my feelings and memories of you wonderful parents. I was feeling really bad because I can't be at the service this weekend. How we were all blessed to have Patty and Phil in our lives. Their love and kindness to so many is a shining example to all of us. I will be thinking of all of you as you celebrate her life. Aloha nui, Helen and Warren McCord
2:18am 09-15-2009
dee mullen
To Dawn, Philip & Patrick and family,your Mom & Dad enjoyed much success but non greater than the three of you and your families. You are a
tribute to them. You are always in our prayers, Love
8:51am 09-09-2009
Judy Dias
Pat and Phil were always so lovely to me and our family, from when I first met them about 25 years ago. I will keep their warmth and friendship in my heart, and treasure their memory.
12:33am 09-09-2009

I love my aunti Pat and will miss her a great deal. Im sure her and aunti Norma are sharing the best strawberry margareta's with Phil on the side telling them how to drink them! Pat taught me alot about unconditional love! And I thank her for being in my life and loving me! Through all the kids and all the marrages and all the divorces, ect..ect.. she always let me know that I was good and loved. Pat you will always be in my heart and in my prayers, and always in my thoughts. Phill,Dawn & Pat thank you for sharing your mom with me. I love her very much and will never forget her and how she made me feel so loved and so special. She is the special one
in my heart you ...little Pat
7:47am 09-06-2009
Dee Mullen
A treasure never to be replaced since childhood.Loving memories, crazy
teenage antics, double dating Pat with Phil, Dee with Al,weddings, the
newly wed era,children growing into maturity(somewhat) never forgetting
to live life with a zest for fun and appreication for all our times together and
the memories they hold. They are together & will always be with us.
3:46am 09-06-2009
marge brown
well, now i have just lost another great memory. both the mulligans were great frilends to me and just as i miss phil, i will also miss patty. they are now together and that is the wasy it should be. love to all the family and i hope that you mulligan children will always remember the special parents that you had.
6:11pm 09-05-2009
Maria DeLanghe
I was fortunate enough to meet Pat & Phil while Barry & Dawn were our next door neighbors in Georgia. Absolutely wonderful, down to earth, caring and giving people. I miss Phil affectionately calling me a bimbo. We had a lot of good times and they were both taken from us much too soon.
8:37am 09-04-2009
Chrissy Mullen
Some people are brought into your life and capture your heart as though they are blood related. "Aunt" Pat, "Uncle" Phil (and the kids) are as close to my heart as any "real" family member could be. It certainly is a lonlier place on Earth without them, but we can find comfort in knowing they are together forever, watching an eternity of sunsets. and pain free!
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